Acre/Perch. Residency, Exhibition. 2014.

Acre/Perchf is comprised of two related residencies conducted by my collaborator Jovencio de la Paz and I. The first, Beginning with a lecture, a humble retreat for ten acts with an awards ceremony, took place at the Acre artist's residency in Steuben, WI. We performed ten acts over the course of the twelve-day residency and Acre residents were invited to participate in any or all acts. The acts culminated in a two-hour award ceremony where participants were acknowledged for their efforts with handmade trophies of found objects.

The second phase, Beginning with a move-in, a humble retreat for seven acts without an awards ceremony, worked to rethink the concept of the artist residency that typically requires the artist to leave home. Instead, we took up residence within the home of The Perch Chicago where we lived for two weeks, conducting daily prompts with Perch residents and invited guests